Magnify World Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Expo

What will be a $200 Billion Industry by 2020? For a limited time only, the first 100 tickets will be available free of charge to celebrate Victoria’s Digital Innovation Festival (DIF) and support from Melbourne Events. The expo is the 2nd day of the business summit held Friday 24th August which consists of professional global speakers discussing the future of film and TV, advertising/branding, education, live events, tourism, gaming and investment.


Come and view one of the worlds FIRST Dome Theatres!

The acclaimed USA digital artist Android Jones, in partnership with #FulldomeLab presents Samskara the short film plus we will be showcasing other content covering astronomy, extreme sports, music arts and culture.




Saturday 25th August come and experience the worlds leading technology from local and international AR/VR companies. Check out the latest gaming and hardware & play games on the latest HTC VIVE rigs. Try on a Samsung Oculus headset and transport yourself into another world! Heard about Pokemon Go the worlds biggest augmented reality game, come and enjoy AR training and analyse your gold swing! 

Enjoyment for all the family, the VR Dome & exhibit area is a must see,  1 day only and experience everything in one place while tickets last! 10am to 4pm sharp close.


For more information about the professional business summit or public expo:  

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